Take your
coaching practice
to the next level

Learn advanced coaching techniques to thrive in life and business with the COR.E Dynamics Certification Training Program.


Transform your work with clients

You learn
10 COR.E Disciplines and
6 COR.E Influencers
as well as how to use them to create a roadmap for clients so that they can easily identify stress triggers and other factors that stop them (and you) from getting desired results.

We train you in the new SCOPETM assessment mobile app—a tool that gives clients feedback on their level of engagement and enthusiasm for producing a particular outcome or completing a specific task BEFORE they act.

Hear from niche experts on how to develop even more mastery and create a systematic approach that you can easily explain to prospective clients.


The COR.E Dynamics Certification Training Program Includes:

  • 45+ Hours of training on the COR.E Dynamics Methodology (available on demand)
  • Access to four niches specialties (Leadership, Performance, Transitions, and Wellbeing)
  • Certification in one chosen niche specialty (additional certifications available)
  • Access to the SCOPE Assessment App for coaches
  • Ongoing access to the monthly live Q&A Webinars (Up to 12 ICF Continuing Education Credit Opportunities per year!)
  • License to downloaded over 200 professionally designed PDFs containing client exercises and assignments
  • Professionally designed marketing assets, including presentations, brochures, and flyers.
  • And… much more. Read the FAQs for full details

Read COR.E Dynamics FAQs


Are you an iPEC coach who completed Mod III before 2017?

If you are ready to start the master-level COR.E Dynamics Certification Training Program, we are offering a special rollback price of $1,995 when you enroll between May 11th to June 12th*.

*Regular program price is $2,995. This price locks in your lifetime access to the COR.E Dynamics program, including any future program updates and enhancements. Students who enrolled in CTP after 2017 at the $11,950 tuition rate may enroll in COR.E Dynamics at no additional cost.

Quick Stories Behind COR.E Dynamics

Transform your coaching business

Learn how to coach more efficiently and effectively to help clients produce faster results and at a deeper level, thereby generating more buy-in for the coaching process.

Save time (and, therefore, money) by using powerful explorations you can assign to clients via precrafted workbooks.

Receive niche-specific marketing materials and customizable sales presentation templates to help educate prospective clients on SCOPE™ and COR.E Energy Dynamics™.

Advanced Coaching Resources You Can Deploy Immediately

COR.E Dynamics Methodology

A structured process through which you can guide your clients to reach their highest potential. This methodology will help you, as the coach, to…

  • Create their sustainable game plan.
  • Leverage the key influencers that enhance or detract from their performance energy.
  • Help them to master the 10 Disciplines of High Performance and Potentiality to unleash their highest potential and performance.
  • Most importantly, how to show up when it matters most, adjust on the fly, and optimize their outcomes and experiences.

SCOPETM Assessment

You’ll learn how to utilize this unique tool to measure your client’s energy in any given moment around a specific task and prescribe actions to increase performance. The SCOPE assessment…

  • Is an advanced mobile app your clients can use to shift their energy.
  • Can be deployed in minutes anytime, anywhere.
  • Allows you to see your client’s SCOPE results on your personal dashboard.

Learn More About SCOPETM

Professionally Designed Client Materials

You will receive a license to access (download) a collection of professionally created, structured coaching assignments and explorations. You will learn how to build them into client programs to enhance the client experience and expand your business model.

These ready-to-use items consist of over 200 downloadable PDF assignments and can save you time, resources, and money by not having to create your own programs from scratch.

You’ll also be able to order hard copies of client workbooks.

Marketing Assets

You will have access to specially designed marketing materials to use on your website and during presentations, such as:

  • Brochures and flyers to promote your services and events
  • PowerPoint presentation and script to use during your events
  • Professionally written copy to use on your website and other promotional mediums
  • Professionally written and designed white paper

"The SCOPE assessment helps them to more quickly see, in any given moment, how their thinking affects their performance and how to shift their thinking. When they take it often, they learn more quickly and make leaps in their personal and professional development instead of making small incremental changes. A client last night said how much this assessment has helped him and that he has made tremendous progress."

Paul MonahanCPC, ELI-MP, COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialist

Four Niches to Focus Your Expertise

Help people find balance, health, and happiness through their lifestyle and mindfulness practice.

Help athletes push past their limits and realize their true potential.

Help leaders of all types inspire their teams and reach new levels of success.

Help people through the difficulties and the opportunities of life changes.

Meet Your Instructors

Bruce D Schneider

COR.E Dynamics Co-Creator

Bruce is often referred to as a modern day philosopher whose seemingly endless insights are thought-provoking and transformational. As founder and creator of Energy Leadership™, Bruce has revolutionized what it is to “be” in alignment with your core self. Now, Bruce is bringing his mastery-level knowledge into COR.E Energy Dynamics™, a practical application in the field of applied consciousness and the future of coaching excellence—worldwide. Combined with the skill of an iPEC graduate coach, this process is the most powerful coaching model in the world today. Bruce’s hope is that all iPEC graduates find their way into the program to become masters in its teachings, masters in their coaching niche, and masters of life.

Liz Fisch

COR.E Dynamics Co-Creator

Liz built a career around her love for writing, communication, and making a difference out in the world. These passions led her to The Psychological Corporation and the Professional Testing Corporation in New York, working as the Director of Psychometric Services, creating and editing certification examinations. She later moved on to work in corporate communications and served as President and board member of numerous community organizations. In 2005, she decided to pursue her passion for personal development and helping others to live the lives they dream about, which led her to iPEC where she became a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner. As Vice President of Program Development, Liz plays a key role in studying the continued impact of Energy Leadership™—iPEC’s groundbreaking leadership framework, in tandem with the COR.E Dynamics™ system. When Liz isn’t writing, editing, or researching, she is spending time with her family and working in partnership with her husband on their successful, multi-location retail business.

Luke Iorio

Leadership Expert

Luke began his career consulting entrepreneurs in transition. He quickly learned of their headaches and challenges, and as a result, facilitated strategies that created momentous value for their businesses.

Luke is most interested in answering the question, “What is it that enables an individual to be at their absolute best?” It’s this question that has guided his own personal development, research, coaching practice, and more for nearly 20 years; it transformed him from wallflower to dynamic speaker and president of the preeminent training and development organization in the fields of human potential, coaching, and leadership.

But at the end of the day, it’s his passion for learning everything that he can, to pass on to his two beautiful children, that drives him most.

"The program has allowed me to have a systemic approach to helping my clients create sustainable wellbeing by helping them manage stress and create alignment in all areas of their life."

Telecia EllisCPC, ELI-MP, COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics Specialist


First, be sure to check out the FAQ Page (click here) as it will answer many of your questions. If you have additional questions beyond the FAQs, email Lisa Kaplin at lkaplin@ipeccoaching.com.

Read COR.E Dynamics FAQs


Are you an iPEC coach who completed Mod III in 2017 or earlier?

If you are ready to start the master-level COR.E Dynamics Certification Training Program, we are offering a special rollback price of $1,995 when you enroll between May 11th to June 12th*.

*Regular program price is $2,995. This price locks in your lifetime access to the COR.E Dynamics program, including any future program updates and enhancements. Students who enrolled in CTP after 2017 at the $11,950 tuition rate may enroll in COR.E Dynamics at no additional cost.