FAQ-COR.E Dynamics Program

Below is a complete list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding iPEC’s COR.E Dynamics Program.

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What is COR.E Dynamics?

COR.E Dynamics is a proprietary process created by iPEC that provides a systematic approach to creating optimized performance, wellbeing, leadership, and transitions in all areas of life.

Training in the advanced coaching methodology of COR.E Dynamics is available only to iPEC graduates and only through the COR.E Dynamics program. The program is based on the belief that every action you take in life is a performance, and maximizing the energy of one’s performances will lead to reaching one’s current potential. In addition, an underlying tenet of the program is that, through raising overall energy, current potential energy can be increased, leading to greater, more effective performances and results.

The advanced knowledge that you will learn in this program will provide you with niche expertise and the ability to coach your clients through a guided process on how to create their comprehensive and sustainable game plan, leverage key influencers that enhance or detract from their performance energy, unleash their highest potential and performance, and — most importantly — how to show up when it matters most, adjust on the fly, and optimize their outcomes and experiences.

In addition, the included marketing materials and the business development aspect of the program will enable you to grow your coaching business.

What is included in the COR.E Dynamics Program?

The COR.E Dynamics program includes:

  • Advanced, graduate level education in the area of sports performance, leadership, wellbeing, or transitions in the following formats:
    • Twelve (12) two-hour on-demand webinars taught by Masters Faculty
    • Eight (8) on-demand niche-specific presentations
    • Monthly “Office Hours” webinars for Q&A and additional learning with the Masters Faculty
  • Training in SCOPE™—iPEC’s new assessment for measuring energy in the moment (SCOPE allows clients to maximize performance in any area of life, in minutes)
  • A specialist manual including coach’s notes as well as the entire text of the client workbook, consisting of hundreds of pages of niche-specific content as well as exercises on the COR.E Dynamics Foundations, 6 COR.E Influencers, and 10 COR.E Disciplines
  • The license to purchase client workbooks
  • The license to download 200+ PDF client workbook explorations
  • Education in the process for helping a client find their unique success formula for maximizing energy
  • Marketing materials including a script and PowerPoint Presentation for use in an introductory workshop or webinar, plus a white paper, flyers, web copy, and more
  • Ability to be listed as a specialist in your niche in the One Idea Away Coach Directory, allowing prospective clients to easily find you (program completion required)Note: To submit your application for a listing in the OIA Coach Directory, please visit https://www.oneideaaway.com/register

What will I learn?

  • COR.E Dynamics provides extensive education and content on the 10 COR.E Disciplines (Awareness, Acceptance, Trust in the Process, Conscious Choice, Authenticity, Fearlessness, Confidence, Connection, Presence in the Moment, and 100% Energetic Engagement) and the 6 COR.E Influencers (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Social, and Environmental), as well as training on the SCOPE™ assessment — the in-the-moment/specific-to-a-task version of the Energy Leadership™ Index assessment that can be taken any time in 3–4 minutes.
  • This is advanced, niche-specific training that takes your expert generalist training from the Coach Training Program and helps you apply it to the niche of your choice to help your clients achieve high performance, sustainable wellbeing, effective leadership, and powerful transitions.
  • You’ll also receive business development training and have access to marketing materials, workshops, web copy, etc., written in the language of your niche.

Is this a live program or a pre-recorded one?

The COR.E Dynamics program is an on-demand (pre-recorded) webinar training with ongoing monthly live Q&A webinars. No travel is required.

The course consists of twelve (12) on-demand webinars (two hours each), plus eight (8) niche-specific pre-recorded presentations.

Who can enroll in COR.E Dynamics?

If you have completed Mod III, you qualify to take the program. Keep in mind regarding COR.E Dynamics certification, you will be able to take the COR.E final exam and become certified in COR.E Dynamics only after you are a Certified Professional Coach having earned your CPC. Recent iPEC graduates, long-time graduates, and students who just completed Mod III will all find the program to be extremely valuable.

How will I practice coaching, ask questions, and connect with my peers?

There are live monthly webinars where you can hear lessons, see demos, ask questions, and participate in exercises so that you can get live interaction and get CCEUs for the ICF.

You will also have access to a private online forum where you can ask questions between classes. This area is facilitated by our Masters Team as well as COR.E Dynamics Specialists and experts. In this forum, you’ll be able to ask questions, request resource help, discuss concepts, and share ideas.

What printed materials will I receive and when will I receive them?

You will receive a hard copy of your COR.E Dynamics Specialist manual for the specific niche you choose during enrollment. If you sign up for more than one niche, you will receive Specialist manuals for each niche for which you’ve registered. Shipping of the manual(s) takes approximately 14 days.

All of the other materials for this course will be found in the iPEC Hub, which will be your primary resource for information, documents, and course materials.

Can I take participate in more than one niche?

Yes! Upon enrollment, you will have access to the classes for all niches. Your enrollment includes certification in one niche.

If you would like to complete your certification for more than one niche, you must purchase an additional certification track; the price is $100 per additional niche. This purchase will provide you a manual for the additional niche to receive your certification.

What is the estimated amount of time I will be investing to complete the program?

The on-demand webinars are two (2) hours in length, plus the eight (8) niche-specific recordings which are approximately 45 minutes to one hour each.

You may work at your own pace to complete the webinars and niche recordings.

What kind of technology do I need to have or know to participate in this course?

This course will require you to have access to a computer, as all of the course materials, including course recordings, documents, and other materials, will only be stored in the iPEC Hub.

Do I have to complete the course by a certain date?

There is no deadline to complete your training and certification. You may work at your own pace.

What is the price for the program?

The tuition for the COR.E Dynamics program is $2995.

This tuition price includes access to all niche options and certification in one niche. You also receive one hard copy niche-specific course manual.

If you would like certifications in additional niches, there is a fee of $100 per additional niche, which will provide you with the niche specific hard copy manual.

Are there financing options?

No, the full payment is due upon registration.

What’s included in the program tuition?

Included in the program tuition is the following:

  • Twelve (12), two-hour, on-demand webinars
  • Eight (8) pre-recorded presentations in the niche(s) of your choice
  • Ongoing, monthly live Q&A webinars
  • The COR.E Dynamics Specialist designation in the niche(s) chosen
  • Education on the SCOPE™ assessment & license to use it
  • License to use COR.E Dynamics client workbooks in the selected niche and to download client materials in PDF format
  • Specially designed marketing assets for COR.E Dynamics

I’ve taken COR.E Dynamics, in the past, in one niche. I’d like to take it now in a different niche. What would the cost be to do so?

If you have taken COR.E Dynamics in the past, you now have access to the recordings for all niches through the iPEC Student Hub. If you have trouble accessing (or forgot your login details) the iPEC Student Hub, please check the Help Center first for answers, then you may submit a support ticket using the Chatbot in the bottom right-hand corner of the site.

If you would like to receive a certification in an additional niche, you must purchase the Certification Track for the chosen niche. The Certification Track costs $100, which will provide you with the niche specific hard copy manual.

What designation do I get at the end of the program, and when can I use it?

You receive a COR.E Dynamics Specialist designation for the niche or niches you complete. The four designations are:

  • COR.E Leadership Dynamics Specialist (CLDS)
  • COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialist (CPDS)
  • COR.E Transitions Dynamics Specialist (CTDS)
  • COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics Specialist (CWDS)

After you complete the program requirements, you will receive email notification that you may begin using the designation.

What are the program completion requirements?

Attending/listening to the twelve (12) course webinars and the eight (8) niche-specific recordings, and then completing an online form for each presentation, demonstrating that you’ve listened to the material for all twenty (20) course recordings.

What is the SCOPE™ assessment and who can offer it?

SCOPE™ is iPEC’s latest assessment. Unlike the Energy Leadership™ Index assessment, which looks at overall energy, SCOPE measures energy in the moment toward a specific task and identifies which factors (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social, and/or environmental) are creating the current energy state. SCOPE also gives interventions that can be used in the moment to shift energy to higher levels. Monitored over time, this assessment reveals the patterns and tendencies that promote optimal performance.  Click here to read more about SCOPE.

The only way to learn and be able to use the SCOPE assessment at this time is through the COR.E Dynamics program.

How else will taking the COR.E Dynamics program help me?

An important component of the graduate programs to date has been the opportunity to connect and collaborate with a larger group of like-minded coaches. Many past participants have taken their energy, their businesses, and their lives, to a different level. It’s spawned partnerships, collaborative workshops, masterminds, co-operative business models, and more.

Do I get CCEUs for doing this program?

Yes! If you hold an ICF credential (ACC, PCC, or MCC), you need twenty-four (24) hours of ICF Core Competency CCEUs and sixteen (16) hours of Resource Development, every three years. The monthly calls offer 1 Core Competency CCEU each. The recorded calls can fulfill all 16 Resource Development hours.

When can I start using COR.E Dynamics with paying clients?

As soon as you’re comfortable with the COR.E Dynamics methodology! For most, that’s about halfway through the program.

If I’m working with clients prior to completing the program, what can I call myself?

There are several possible options, including COR.E Dynamics Specialist in Training or a Leadership/Performance/Wellbeing/Transitions Coach. If you’re unsure, check with us during a live Q&A webinar.

What is the cost of the client materials?

Printed client workbooks created by us for you to deliver the CPD, CWD, CLD, and CTD client materials will be available to you for purchase upon the completion of the program. There are three client workbooks for each niche — COR.E Foundations, COR.E Influencers, and COR.E Disciplines. Right now, those are priced at $35 per workbook or $100 for a set of all three. Upon certification, you will be licensed to download professionally designed PDFs at no cost. Finally, materials for the Performance, Leadership, and Wellbeing niches are available in the Hub after you enroll in the program.

Can I withdraw from the program after signing up and paying?

There are no refunds once you have started the program.

What is One Idea Away and what OIA benefits will COR.E Dynamics students get?

One Idea Away is iPEC’s publishing platform and directory. COR.E Dynamics graduates may add their certification designation(s), which gives you additional credibility and visibility in your niche.