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Mastermind Business

Collaborate with coaches like you to build the practice and business of your dreams.

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Why you need the M.B.A. (Mastermind Business Alliance)

Grow your business with the support and expertise of your peers and a dedicated facilitator.

Get a handful of coaches for less than the price of one (because the MBA groups are limited to nine members each!)

Join an exclusive group that will serve as your sounding board and keep you accountable to your goals.

Within the group you will develop…

An open yet focused, patient yet persistent, and flexible yet consistent mindset that creates the foundation for success.

An anabolic attitude in order to change how you show up in front of your market and your prospective clients.

Aligned action with your vision, goals, mindset, and attitude to create rapid progress in your business.

A commitment to your vision, your word, and your group in order to see rapid progress.

A support network of like-minded coaches committed to growth and achievement.

The drive to push the boundaries and challenge others to go beyond what was previously thought possible.

Hear what some our participants have to say about their M.B.A. experience

A program to create rapid progress in your business

Monthly Sessions

Limited to 9 group members, sessions are facilitated by a successful coach who has built a thriving business themself.

  • (3) 90-minute MBA group sessions, monthly
  • (1) 30-minute one-on-one session, monthly
  • Groups will meet during the day
  • Facilitator adapts sessions to group’s need

Monthly Q&A’s

You’ll have exclusive access to monthly Q&A sessions with top iPEC staff including:

  • Luke Iorio
  • Bruce D Schneider
  • Dan Beldowicz
  • The MBA Team
  • Special Outside Guests

Vetted Tools and Resources

You’ll gain access to the list of vetted professional resources that we and our partners use for:

  • Web Design
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Funnel Creation
  • Business Services
  • and much more…

Elite Access: Answers & Learning Library

You’ll have the ability to submit questions, make requests for strategies and approaches, and even ask for new resources directly from the MBA Faculty.

You’ll have access to an extensive multimedia library with content on business models and strategy, brand building, social media, lead generation, lead capture, sales and enrollment, program and product creation, pricing, and much, much more… and it grows as the MBA members add and request content.

Private & MBA Community Forums

You’ll have both a private forum for your own MBA group and partners to use, and one for the larger, overall MBA community to use.

Semi-Annual Summits

At the end of the 1st and 3rd quarters, MBA members will have complementary access to a full day summit of industry experts to hone your business visions, tighten strategy, generate new ideas, and learn the latest business-building secrets being proven in the market.

What makes the
MBA program special

Registration now open
and ends March 17th.


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Meet Your Instructors

Stacy Hartmann

Stacy Hartmann

Stacy Hartmann is a business coach, purpose driven entrepreneur, and marketing and sales expert. She motivates and inspires entrepreneurs to achieve their vision of success while making a difference in the world.

Stacy combines strategic advice with powerful intuition to help coaches discover their unlimited potential and create the ultimate freedom lifestyle.  She knows how to help people transform their business, life, and bank account fast.

She knows first-hand what it means to take big risks to create the life and business of her dreams. Within a few short years in business, Stacy has been able to build a successful multiple 6-figure businesses working three days a week, allowing her time to play and laugh with her family.  When she stopped settling, invested in her dream, and never looked back.

Luke Iorio

Luke began his career consulting entrepreneurs in transition. He quickly learned of their headaches and challenges, and as a result, facilitated strategies that created momentous value for their businesses.

Luke is most interested in answering the question, “What is it that enables an individual to be at their absolute best?” It’s this question that has guided his own personal development, research, coaching practice, and more for nearly 20 years, and transformed him from wallflower to dynamic speaker and President of the preeminent training and development organization in the fields of human potential, coaching, and leadership.

But at the end of the day, it’s his passion for learning everything that he can to pass on to his two beautiful children that drives him most.

Jeff St. Laurent

Jeffrey St Laurent graduated from UMass Amherst with a BS in Exercise Physiology before opening his own personal training business. Over the past 20 years, he has become a leader in the fitness industry, having been featured on dozens of fitness DVDs, collaborated with clients like Nike and Microsoft, and logged more than 5,000 coaching hours.

Since graduating iPEC in 2004, Jeffrey has shifted his focus to open his own seminar and coaching company, SellingCoaching.com. He is now a highly sought after presenter and business coach, has authored the book “Being Fulfilled,” and developed five other training programs for entrepreneurs.

Jeff’s WHY is simple: “To be a part of people’s success.” Knowing he can be or help create the catalyst to change someone’s life for the better is what drives him.

Ivy Slater

Ivy Slater is CEO of Slater Success Coaching, where she works with smart and ambitious female entrepreneurs to design profitable service based businesses.

For the past 10 years, Ivy has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, helping them step into their value as leaders in business and create their desired lifestyle.

Ivy is a wife of 30 years and mother of two adult children. When working with her clients, she encourages family first, and then business. Ivy built and grew her businesses while raising her two children, being class parent, Vice President of the PTA, and organized various school functions.

Ivy’s experience includes owning a 7-figure printing business, in New York City. Slater Graphics made a positive impact in the industry by creating a niche market for women buyers.

JJ Carolan

JJ Carolan loves helping people live a life less ordinary.  She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who provides life, leadership, and business coaching for people committed to serving a purpose greater than themselves.  She holds space for people to take inspired action, to conquer their inner critics, and to build resilience so they can take bold risks necessary to achieve their dreams.

As both a certified life coach and a behavior analyst, JJ is known for her blend of deep inner work paired with powerful outer action.  JJ is the founder of The Coach’s Playground and The One Hundred Years Project. Her clients rally around her motto, “Serve like hell!” as a reminder that the key to success is service.

She is mother to two daughters who inspire her daily to push the envelope.