MBA Application

We’re excited to hear you’re interested in our Mastermind Business Alliance. The next step for you is to complete the application below.

We are committed to ensuring that each member of the group is invested in the mastermind at the same level. When going through the application process, we’ll be looking for the key indicators that will best prepare each group and each group member for success.

After your application is submitted, you’ll be contacted, within three (3) business days, by one of our M.B.A. team members, to schedule a brief appointment to review your application. Once that is completed, you’ll be sent a link to either pay the balance of your 6 month tuition (which would be $1,645) or sign up for the monthly tuition payment of $350 option.

Note: The M.B.A. groups are filled on a first come, first serve basis and you are added to that list at the time your application is submitted – not when your payment is made. For that reason, we recommend you complete this application now!