FAQ – Mastermind Business Alliance

Below is a complete list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding iPEC’s Mastermind Business Alliance.

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If you have additional questions, please contact us at masters@ipeccoaching.com

What is the Mastermind Business Alliance™ (M.B.A.)?

The Mastermind Business Alliance™ is a program designed by iPEC to create rapid progress in the growth of our iPEC coaches’ businesses through collaboration with coaches like them and the guidance and mentoring of an iPEC coach who successfully built a thriving business him/herself.

What does the M.B.A. program look like?

Upon enrollment, you’ll be added to a small group with five (5) to eight (8) other like-minded iPEC coaches who will be your partners on this year-long journey.  Your group iPEC coaches will be led by one of our iPEC Senior Business Coaches.

Your group will meet three (3) times a month for 90-minute group sessions, and you’ll have one (1) 30-minute private session, per month, with your group’s Senior Business Coach.

You’ll also have access to monthly Q&A sessions with Bruce D Schneider, Luke Iorio, Dan Beldowicz, iPEC’s Senior Business Coaches, members of the Masters Team, and special outside guests.

There will be a private forum for the entire M.B.A. program, as well as a private forum for your individual group, in which you can collaborate, ask for help, share ideas, and participate in discussions with your fellow M.B.A. peers.

What can I expect to get from the M.B.A. experience?

In this program, you’ll grow your business with the support and expertise of your peers and a dedicated facilitator.  You’ll get a handful of coaches for less than the price of one, as the M.B.A. groups are limited to nine members each!  You’ll be part of an exclusive group that will serve as your sounding board and keep you accountable to your goals.

What are some other benefits that I would get as an M.B.A. participant?

You’ll have elite access to the Answers & Learning Library, which is an extensive multimedia library with content on business models and strategy, brand building, social media, lead generation, lead capture, sales and enrollment, program and product creation, pricing, and much, much more.

In the Answers & Learning Library, you’ll have the ability to submit questions, make requests for strategies and approaches, and even ask for new resources directly from the M.B.A. faculty.

You’ll also have access to our brand new list of vetted professional resources that we and our partners use for various aspects of your business including web design, copywriting, graphic design, funnel creation, business services, and more.

Another HUGE benefit: As an M.B.A. member, you’ll have complimentary access to a full-day summit of industry experts to hone your business visions, tighten strategy, generate new ideas, and learn the latest business-building secrets being proven in the market.

What will I do inside the group?

While working with your peers and group facilitator, you’ll develop several things:

  • An open, yet focused; patient, yet persistent; and flexible, yet consistent mindset that creates the foundation for success.
  • An anabolic attitude in order to change how you show up in front of your market and your prospective clients.
  • Aligned action with your vision, goals, mindset, and attitude to create rapid progress in your business.
  • A commitment to your vision, your world, and your group in order to see rapid progress.
  • A support network of like-minded coaches committed to growth and achievement.
  • The drive to push the boundaries and challenge others to go beyond what was previously thought possible.

What do we do in our group sessions?

In your three (3) 90-minute group sessions, each month, you’ll do a combination of discussing progress, requesting support, focus-seat coaching, creating to do’s, making commitments, and following through on accountability.

As the groups pick up momentum and as needed by individual group members, education through micro-learning will be available.  This micro-learning will take the form of short educational chunks or bursts on focused topics to propel the individual or group forward, provide any needed “how to” information, or give you the occasional, motivational kick in the pants!

Since we don’t meet in person for these groups, how do we engage?

Your group will be doing their group calls and private sessions via the Zoom webinar platform, which you will access on your computer.  In order to participate in these groups, you must have access to a computer with a web-cam.  There is no audio-only or phone-only option for the group sessions.  If you wish to carry on your private session with your group’s facilitator via phone, that is a request you can make of him or her; the decision is up to the facilitator.

Who can enroll in the Mastermind Business Alliance™?

In order to enroll in the M.B.A. group, you must:

  • be an iPEC coach who has completed Mod I (LPT),
  • be focused on developing and growing your coaching business,
  • be able to attend all group meetings, each month, through September 30, 2017,
  • have a working web-cam, computer, and easy access to high-quality Internet, and
  • perhaps above all, have an open mindset, readiness to be challenged, willingness to be held accountable, and a desire to give of your energy, support, commitment, and wisdom to your MBA partners.

How much does the Mastermind Business Alliance™ cost?

The M.B.A. program members will invest $1,995 for the six month program, if paid in full at time of admission.

If you choose to pay monthly, your tuition will be $350 per month.

How do I apply?

On this site, in early February, you’ll see an Apply Now button.  You’ll be directed to a link to pay your first month’s tuition of $350.  Once that is completed, you’ll be asked to complete a brief application and select your preference of groups.

How much time commitment is expected from me weekly?

The Master Business Alliance group coaching calls are 90-minute calls that take place three weeks of the month. The other week will be when your 30-minute one-on-one call takes place. While the weeks in which these calls will vary based on the group you are in, your weekly time commitment will be the length of that week’s call, basically either 90-minutes or 30-minutes. Other than that, time that you take to apply any learnings or action items is time you would’ve invested anyway into continuing to build your growing coaching business.

How long does the pre-work take?

The pre-work is a self-reflective tool that supports you by helping you get clear with your vision for your coach practice. It also establishes what your main business goals are so that during the M.B.A. you can work on those essential goals. The actual time that coaches have reported investing in to their pre-work range between 2 to 6 hours.

What happens after I submit my application?

After your application is submitted, you’ll be contacted, within two (2) business days, by one of our M.B.A. team members, to schedule a brief appointment to review your application.  Once that is completed, you’ll be sent a link to either pay the balance of your six month tuition (which would be $1,645) or sign up for the monthly tuition payment option.

Does everyone who applies get in?

We are committed to ensuring that each member of the group is invested in the mastermind at the same level.  When going through the application process, we’ll be looking for the key indicators that will best prepare each group and each group member for success.  If we do encounter an applicant who might not quite be ready for the M.B.A. at this time, we will discuss that with them and offer some resources to begin them on the journey to participate in the M.B.A. at a future point.  In that case, the $350 you paid along with your application will be immediately refunded.

Who are the Mastermind Business Alliance™ facilitators? How did you select them?

The M.B.A. facilitators are Luke Iorio, Stacy Hartmann, Jeffrey St. Laurent, Ivy Slater, and JJ Carolan.

These five coaches, who are some of our iPEC Senior Business Coaches, have been hand selected by the M.B.A. team based upon our personal review of their profound business success and strong coaching background.

In order to become an iPEC Senior Business Coach, an iPEC coach must go through an extensive vetting process that will ensure that we’re providing only the best and top coaches to our M.B.A. participants.

When are the groups? And when does the program start?

Your first MBA group session will take place during the week of April 3rd.  Shortly after being accepted, in March, you’ll begin doing pre-work to prepare.  For this reason, the cut-off to apply is March 17th.

The following are the group days, times, and facilitators:

  • Tuesdays – 3pm ET / 2pm CT / 1pm MT / Noon PT – Ivy Slater
  • Wednesdays – 5pm ET / 4pm CT / 3pm MT / 2pm PT – Jeff St. Laurent
  • Thursdays – 11am ET / 10am CT / 9am MT / 8am PT – Jeff St. Laurent
  • JJ Carolan’s group day and time is still being determined. If you have a preference, indicate that on your application form.

Do I get to pick my group?

During the application process, you’ll select your top three groups, in order of preference.  If those groups are full by the time you’re admitted, you’ll get the option to participate in one of the other two groups or join the Stand-by List for the next wave of M.B.A. groups.

Sometimes my schedule varies, and it’s outside of my control. What is the attendance policy?

You’ll be sent a list of dates for your particular group, shortly after admission.  It is imperative that you be at all of the group meetings.  The group will be holding you accountable to be at every single one.  If you review your schedule and realize that you will be missing more than one (1) meeting in a quarter, it will be best to either switch groups (if possible) or ask to be added to the Stand-by List for the next wave of groups to find a day/time at which you can always be available.

My schedule doesn’t allow me to participate at any of those dates or times, but I really want to be part of the Mastermind Business Alliance™. What do I do?

You can do one of two things:

One group is still being determined. When completing you MBA application, you’ll have the opportunity to identify 3 best days/times so we can accommodate you as best as possible.

  • Pay the $350 and go through the application process; when asked for your preferred group, check the box that says “Stand-by List.” You’ll be contacted to go through the application process and then added to the Stand-by List.  When we open the next groups or a slot becomes available, we’ll start adding from the Stand-by List in order of application.
  • Hang tight and keep an eye out. Within the next four months, we’ll be expanding the M.B.A. program to include more group days, times, and facilitators.  Watch for our next wave of groups.

I see the M.B.A. has capped admission. How do I ensure that I’m one of those?

Best way to do that is to fill out your application and pay the first month’s tuition of $350, as quickly as possible.  We are operating on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Once the program fills, we will begin a stand-by list for when we add on groups, next.  We don’t know exactly when that is, right now, but we’re planning on opening more groups within the next four (4) months.

I just found out the program is full, but want to be part of the program. What’s my best strategy to ensure I’m up next?

Simple – pay the $350 and go through the application process; when asked for your preferred group, check the box that says “Stand-by List.”  You’ll be contacted to go through the application process and then added to the Stand-by List.  When we open the next groups or a slot becomes available, we’ll start adding from the Stand-by List in order of application.

What if I want to continue after September 30, 2017?

In actuality, this is a lifelong journey and, for many members, it’ll be a many-year investment.  When you enroll in the M.B.A., you’ll be committing until September 30th.  At that time, we’ll provide you options to continue along in not-yet-determined chunks of time.

What if I don’t want to commit through September 30, 2017

We are asking you to commit for six months – until September 30th – and will be holding our M.B.A. participants to that commitment.  That being said, if you become aware that this is not right for you, you may choose to withdraw after the third full month. For the spring of 2017, your first option to withdraw will beJune 30, 2017.

Written notification of withdrawal or leave of absence must be sent to mbasupport@ipeccoaching.com. You will be asked to complete an “exit” interview to help us understand your reasons for leaving the program, which can potentially assist in future program design.

What’s the difference between iPEC’s Masters Division and the Mastermind Business Alliance™?

The Masters Division is the division of our organization that is dedicated to supporting the coaches who have taken the iPEC Coach Training Program.  The Masters Division has three pillars – the Mastermind Business Alliance, the Immersion Programs, and the Enrichment Courses.