Masters Immersion Programs

COR.E Dynamics

Master Your Coaching Techniques

  • Deliver new and powerful techniques in a masterful way.
  • Dive deep into your chosen niche in the areas of Performance, WellBeing, Leadership, and Transitions coaching.
  • Gain access to comprehensive coaching program workbooks that you can adapt and use to help your clients.


Law of Being

Unlock Your Clients’ True Potential

  • Discover a complete system for getting to the core of change and tapping into the potential of WHO your clients really are.
  • Develop automatic attraction that can be used to create happiness, health, wisdom, and wealth in your life and in the lives of those you work and live with.
  • Get a complete business in a box to obtain Law of Being clients.


The Meaningful Way

Bring Your Desires to Reality

There is a physical reality. There is a spiritual reality. There is also a way to connect to and embrace both. A way of being that grounds you. A way that brings you strength. A way that offers you passion and purpose in all you do. This… is the meaningful way.


"The COR.E Performance Dynamics Program has been a game changer in the way that I work with my clients. Now I can help clients not just make better choices in the moment, but also take them to the next level of peak performance. It’s no longer just playing the game, but learning how to be the game."

Walter AguilarCPC, ELI-MP, COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialist

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